Friday, April 12, 2013

Food Drive

I wanted to put up a quick Friday post to let you all know that Innovations will be doing a Food Drive to benefit Community Food Share, a local food bank that helps provide food for low income individuals here in Boulder and Broomfield counties.  The Drive will be running from April 15th through April 30th, and we will have drop-off boxes in both our Dixon building (1400 Dixon Street, Lafayette, CO 80026) and our Coal Creek building (1665 Coal Creek Drive, Lafayette, CO 80026).  

With your help we can beat our last Food Drive total of 170 pounds of food!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Can I Get Some Satisfaction?

Every two years, Imagine! coordinates a Customer Satisfaction Survey for all of the Program Approved Service Agencies (PASAs) in Boulder and Broomfield counties.  The purpose of these surveys is to assess how satisfied our customers are with the services we provide.  Our primary customers are the individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities we serve.  We ensure that every consumer in our services has the opportunity to complete a survey.  If they are able to complete the survey independently, we encourage them to do that.  If they need assistance, we will provide the minimum amount necessary for them to complete the survey.  For our customer satisfaction surveys we also reach out to the people who support the individuals in our services.  This group includes family members, guardians, staff, providers, and other people who support the people we work with.  We highly value all of the feedback we receive from this survey.  It gives us an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of our supports and services, to find areas of success, and to locate areas for improvement and innovation.

The survey period runs from April 1st through June 1st, so if you have received a Customer Satisfaction Survey, please make sure to return it within that time frame to ensure that it is counted.  We will announce the results of the survey sometime in June, so look forward to that.