Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Innovations Logo!

We at Innovations are excited to share with you our new logo!  This logo was created by the Innovations Management team. We think it does a great job of communicating who we are and what we do.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Volunteering at Imagine!

This week is National Volunteer Week. Volunteers are a huge part of Imagine!’s success. In the fiscal year 2013-14, 409 people volunteered for Imagine!, providing 12,261 hours of service. The estimated value of those volunteer hours to Imagine! during that time is $275,025.45!

Volunteers bring much more than monetary value to our organization. Imagine! is a community-based organization, and we can’t do what we do without the support of our community. Volunteering offers a great opportunity for members of our community to experience first-hand the vital work Imagine! employees do, and just as important, to see the amazing contributions that individuals served by Imagine! bring to their communities every day. Imagine! volunteers frequently become donors to our organization, and many end up working for us full time!

All this week, Imagine!’s Facebook page will be highlighting some of our fantastic volunteers and the positive impact they have on our organization.

By the way, do you know of someone interested in volunteering for Imagine!? Or do you have an Imagine! project that could use assistance from volunteers? If so, contact Imagine!’s Volunteer Coordinator Elizabeth Hill at 303-926-6460 or

Finally, check out the short video below, created to encourage more people to volunteer at Imagine!

Super Hero(es) of the Month(s)!

Every month, Innovations presents the “Super Hero of the Month” award to the employee or provider who has best demonstrated excellence in one or more of our Innovations Quality Standards:
  • Health, Safety, and Wellbeing
  • Effective and Efficient
  • Respect and Dignity
  • Opportunities
  • Integrity
  • Care

For the month of February, our Super Hero is:

Jesse Kennedy
Primary Residential Counselor - 19th Street

Jesse was nominated by a supervisor because:

He is calm, patient, respectful and person centered.  He takes everything in stride, is cool under pressure and never complains.  I never have to worry when Jesse is working because I know he’ll make sure that everything is taken care of and that our people remain happy and healthy.  Jesse has been present for crisis situations and he always steps up.  He does whatever needs to be done with a smile on his face.  Jesse is exactly the type of employee everyone wants to have. 

For the month of March, our Super Hero is:

Codi Ford
Primary Residential Counselor - Timber Ridge

Codi was nominated by a supervisor because:

She stayed with an individual who lives alone and has in the past not been able to successfully complete the pre-colonoscopy preparation routine on her own.  Codi stayed with her for nearly 24 hours, even getting up through the night to help this individual maintain her good spirits and not give up on the long unpleasant process.  The individual had a successful procedure.  The individual’s guardian/Sister expressed gratitude that Codi was able to help.  Codi offered to do it, and when I expressed gratitude to her for it, she replied with “Well, that’s what she needed, and I can do it.”  I didn’t even need to ask her if she could do it.

If you see Jesse or Codi around, please congratulate them for their hard work and dedication!