Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Imagine! Customer Service Award Winner!

Each month, Imagine! presents the Excellence in Customer Service award to an employee who embodies one or more of Imagine!'s Customer Service Values:
  1. We provide a culture of support that relies on respect, open and timely communication, and integrity.
  2. We achieve results through continual improvement and creativity.
  3. We actively engage in and promote community.
This month, the award was presented to Chelsea O'Day, who is the Residential Assistant Site Supervisor at our Foothills Group Home.

Chelsea's nomination included the following praise:
Chelsea has developed genuine friendships with the residents at Imagine!’s Foothills Group Home. When she walks through the door, it brightens their day. Chelsea has been practicing a Johnny Cash song with one of the residents for a long time. She helped him learn the lyrics and then brought in her personal recording equipment to record him singing. She provided background music with her ukulele. Check it out below.

Congratulations on this honor, Chelsea! We're lucky to have you here at Imagine! Innovations. 😊

1 comment:

  1. WOW, that was a great rendition of Johnny Cash! You have some very talented people there! Great job!